Hear is some basic Wiccan prayers I’ve used over the years that you may wish to use your self.


I give you thanks, for all you do. For obstacles, small roads to. For challenges that make me grow and all the plesent things that show. That you are looking after me, thank you my god and Goddess blessed be.


Goddess above, Queen of the night help me sleep in your healing light. Restful sleep come to me, relax my body and let my mind be free. Grant me calm and peace tonight and let me wake in the gods golden light blessed be.


Horned one of the wilderness, winged one of the shining sky. Rayed one of the splendours sun, fallen one of the samhain cry. I call a mist the standing stones, praying that you o ancient one, will deign to blessed nistic rites. Lord of the blazing sun blessed be.


Sacred mother of all that is. I revel in thy divine bliss. You walk with me in thy shinning light. Throughout day and night. You surround and enfold me your loving care. You are my rock, my foundation, you are always there. Great mother Goddess gives the breath of light. Hold me safe from harm and safe from strife. May I forever walk in thy blessed life. May it dwell withen me, may it shine so bright. In thy perfect love and harmony. In thy perfect trust blessed be.